Guiding Families Through the World of Addiction

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Do you love someone who might have a problem with drugs or alcohol?

Arenndell Intervention services is here to help. We are here to lead you through the chaos that addiction has created in your life.

We have the resources and expertise to help your family regain the control it lost when your loved one’s addiction took over. We do this by taking you through a series of steps and creating one cohesive unit to support your loved one. Our goals are to guide your loved one to recovery and to re-establish a healthy family dynamic.

What is an intervention?

An intervention is a planned and structured process that brings awareness to specific dysfunctional or unhealthy behaviors of your loved one. Often, an intervention is sought after a progressively worsening series of events have occurred. These events form a pattern of destructive behavior that lead family and friends to the realization that this lifestyle is unsustainable. An Arenndell intervention creates an opportunity for a transition towards a more positive and healthier lifestyle for everyone involved.

In its simplest form, an intervention gives the family an opportunity to ‘hit the re-set button’. Think of it as an orchestrated stoppage of time in the life of a person in active addiction; an interruption in what has become a gradually escalating, chaotic lifestyle that has driven family and friends to acknowledge if some new course of action is not taken something far worse will occur.

In most cases, the goal of an intervention is to get your loved one into a treatment facility. With an Arenndell intervention, the goal also includes healing families and mending relationships.