About Arenndell

Guiding Families Through the World of Addiction

Arenndell Intervention Services was born from our experiences.

Each of our team members has their own personal understanding of the effects of addiction, whether through the lens of the addict, the family member, or both. Our individual perspectives of addiction have shaped our lives and our approach to working with families dealing with the disease of addiction.

Lewis Finch


Chronicled in his bio as Founder/CEO of Welwynn Outpatient Center, Lewis realizes the destructive nature addiction creates in the life of the addict. As a person in long term recovery, he has a passion for helping other families to begin the process of healing.

Mike Yarborough


Mike’s journey in the world of addiction began when he was born into a family of chaos, with substance use being a key dysfunction in the chaos. Emancipated from his parents at the age of 12, he was determined not to have this lifestyle passed down to the next generation. Mike brings a rare perspective to the world of substance use and addiction, he has dedicated his life to helping others navigate a world that few ever imagine escaping from.

Kelly Yarborough


Kelly’s path gives Arenndell’s clients another unique perspective into the dark and confusing world of addiction. As the daughter of Lewis and wife of Mike, she has seen what disease can do to the children of parents that suffer with addiction. She has witnessed first hand how addiction can destroy a family from within, how the POC’s network fights to deal with the irrational behavior and how recovery can restore the family.