Our Process

Guiding Families Through the World of Addiction

The Arenndell Intervention process takes the approach that much of the work is performed with our initial discovery and educational family meetings. Once the decision has been made to forge ahead with the intervention, the outcome is usually a forgone conclusion. The following is an example of how the process typically unfolds:

Step 1 – Discovery

Discovery begins when the first call is made to Arenndell. During this stage, Arenndell interventionists are beginning to formulate a plan. Information is exchanged and shared among support team members. The sharing can take place either over the phone or in person, and it may take a series of days and sometimes even weeks.

The support team that is created will consist of family, friends, therapists and any other individuals that have concern for the person in active addiction. As information is gathered, support team members may discover that the person in active addiction has been lying and manipulating. In many cases, the transparency is ultimately what encourages the addict to accept help.

Step 2 – The Build Out

During this time, Arenndell’s staff is compiling data to create the most successful outcome for the family. Strategies, tactics and the narrative are developed, allowing the support team to deliver a unified message.

The most successful situation for the family consists of a loving and caring meeting with their addicted loved one to motivate them to get help. However, Arenndell does not stop here. Creating a completely successful situation for the family means that their loved one is presented with treatment options that best fit their personal situation. 

Step 3 – Pre-Intervention Meeting

Before the actual intervention, a final meeting is held by the support team. At this meeting, finalization of consequences and talking points are discussed. Questions, concerns and anxieties are addressed and there is an agreement among all parties to move forward at this time.

We vet all treatment centers to whom we refer, we know each center’s strengths and weaknesses and will articulate them to the families.

Step 4 – The Intervention

Only after we have completed steps 1 through 3, will the considerations around location, date, time and attendance for the actual intervention be finalized. Arenndell then executes and orchestrates an intervention.

Step 5 – Sober Transport

Arenndell provides sober transport for all of our interventions; offering safe delivery of each person to the chosen treatment center. This part of the journey can be emotional and therapeutic for the person as they often use this time to reflect. Arenndell transportation support staff encourages questions and emotional responses during the trip. We have all been trained to use this time to create a positive foundation for a more successful experience in recovery.

Step 6 – Case Management

Arenndell provides a minimum of 90 days post-treatment case management. Each case is specific to the family’s needs. We will provide resources, encouragement and assistance to family members for specialized counseling options.